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Mike Forner


Mike was born, many moons ago, in Ypsilanti, MI at the, now extinct, Beyer Hospital, not far from where he currently resides in Ypsilanti Township.  He grew up in Manchester and attended Western Michigan University after high school.  He is happily married and the father of 5 children.


Mike began his career in the home remodeling and repair business at the age of 4…no kidding…his Mom will confirm this!  He has spent his entire life satisfying customers in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities.


His favorite movie is Tombstone, his favorite movie series are the Bourne movies and his favorite book is Atlas Shrugged.  He cannot decide on his favorite food, though it would likely have a very spicy flavor, but his favorite dessert is authentic key lime pie with a homemade graham cracker crust and a boatload of whipped cream.


You can contact Mike at: or


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